Our Price list:

BMI RTN flight from Manchester to Tehran  £169+TAX
RTN indirect flight to Tehran  £175+TAX
BMI RTN direct flight to Tehran  £305+TAX
Iran Air RTN direct flight to Tehran £376+TAX
Many airlines (Qatar, Golf Air, AZAL, Turkish, Emirate)
Fly to Tehran, Mashad and Shiraz.

Luggage allowance for Iran Air and BMI is 30Kg
All outbound flights from London are automatically reconfirmed when your ticket is issued.
Reconfirmation of the inbound date can also be made at the same time only if a contact number in Iran can be provided; otherwise reconfirmation or the inbound date must be made at least 7 days prior to departure.

The number to call for Iran Air is (009821) 9116575 and for BMI 220 44552